Wireless Turbo NES Classic Controller

Having messed around with this controller I enjoy the feel of it. This controller is around the same size as the controller that comes with the Classic NES but it is clearly wireless.

* Controller requires 2 AAA batteries

The button layout is different from a normal one because it has two turbo buttons which allow you to press and hold the A+ or B+ button to say shoot/jump rapidly. The buttons feel firm and of quality with slight feedback when pressing them. The controller itself feels nice with a bit of weight to it especially when the batteries are in.

It says it supports the Wii/Wii U virtual console by plugging the adapter into a Wii Remote but I don’t have a Wii set up currently so I may test that in the future. I did test it in the NES Classic and it worked pretty much as you would expect with minimal latency. To minimize latency I recommend staying within 10-15 feet of the console because otherwise input does get a little laggy.

Setting up the controller was easy all you have to do is plug the dongle into the NES then put the batteries into the controller and it will connect to the dongle.

Overall this is a nice controller and I recommend this especially to people who have kids running around playing with the cords.

If you are interested in getting this controller yourself here is the link to the Amazon page.

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I was provided this controller at a discounted price in exchange for a review.


Wireless Router

Router (5)This is a very nice router it provides a nice signal boost when you have a router far from the device you use. I was able to connect a 25 foot Ethernet cord from my isp provided router to this router it provides a great signal boost compared to having to connect to my main router from a distance.

Router (6)

Here’s what you get:
The router, an Ethernet cord, two WiFi radio antennas, and a power cable for the router

When using this router I had slightly slower connection (downloads of 2 MB/s as opposed to the 3 I was getting from my main router) but it had a better signal compared to just using my main as the only router. Using my main router I would only be able to connect up to 3 things without any of them effecting the others connection, like if I used my tablet, desktop computer and TV at the same time and I wanted to connect my laptop to the router it would act up and the ul/dl speed would fluctuate from 500 kb/s to 1 mb/s, but now with this router I can connect the same amount and more I have connected about 5 things to this router: my phone, my laptop, my desktop computer, my tablet, and my TV all at once and I didn’t have the problem of not being able to connect more devices. The ul/dl also didn’t fluctuate either. One problem I have with this router is it gets pretty hot after using to stream movies. When using the Ethernet connection I noticed no difference in downloading or uploading files.

This router looks nice and sleek it is much smaller than my older router and is nice and light so I could actually hang it up on my wall without worrying it will fall. the front has a simple display that shows the current connected ports and if it has power including: a power indicator, wireless internet usage indicator, local internet indicator, and an indicator that shows the router itself has an internet connection.

Overall this is a very nice router for the price I would recommend this if you need a cheap well made router. I take one star off of this review because of the limited connection of 2 MB/s and it can get very hot to the point it stops working and I need to unplug it for a few minutes.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone – Brushed Metal Rechargeable Wireless Sound System


I love the design of this speaker it looks amazing with the metal shell on it. You turn it on by pressing the top and having it pop up you will hear three tones and the a voice will say “Bluetooth” indicating you are paired with a phone via Bluetooth. You are also able to connect to it using an auxiliary cable. The controls are pretty simple you move your finger in a clockwise motion around the black ring on top to turn up the volume and counter-clockwise to turn it down, there is also a pause/play button, and there is a button used to answer calls since it has a mic on it you can use that to communicate with the person on the other line. It has a blue light that flashes while it is connected to an audio device and has a steady blue light when in pairing mode.
It uses a micro USB cable to charge it took me about 2.5 hours to charge it to full from after having it die when I was using it. The battery lasted a little more than four hours on Bluetooth but on the auxiliary cord I was able to use it for about six hours. Having a 600 mAh battery and the sound quality I get from this speaker I am amazed it lasted that long.
This speaker sounds amazing the lows sound amazing for the size of the speaker and the highs are crisp and clear.
Overall this speaker looks really nice and feels sturdy it has some weight to it and a non-slip grip on the bottom which I like even more so it doesn’t move around while I listen to music.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

High Precision 6 Button Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse – Adjustable DPI – Adjustable Polling Rate


This is a nice wireless mouse it uses AA batteries I have lasted weeks on a single batter with about 2-3 hours of use per day I think this is because of the power saving mode the mouse goes into after 3 minutes of inactivity.
Overall the quality of this mouse feels nice I like how the mouse feels when gripping it because it is slightly shaped to fit your hand really well and each side of the mouse has ridges your thumb and ring/pinky finger fit on for a firm and comfortable grip.
There are 6 buttons in Normal mode: a middle click on the wheel, there is left and right click, a show desktop/show windows button next to the left click, the function button to switch from normal to gaming, and a forward and backward button on the left side of the mouse function as back and forward buttons like in your browser and in explorer windows it also works the same. in Gaming mode: there is the left and right click, the button near the left click acts as a quick double left click, the buttons on the side act as volume up and down, the function button to change from gaming to normal, and the middle mouse click on the wheel.
I like the low sensitivity and the quietness of the left and right click, having the forward and backwards buttons on the side is very nice that’s probably my second favorite function of the mouse, and being able to change the dpi to as low as 600 for very detailed work to 1600 for fast paced gaming is amazing all you have to do is hold the function button until the red led lights up and then you can change it by scrolling the scroll wheel up or down.
Overall this mouse is amazing I often use it for my tablet and as my primary gaming mouse. I would recommend this to a budget gamer especially if you need to switch from fine mouse movements to fast paced it works very well for both!

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

“iWork” Mini4.0 Minimal Sheltered Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 In Ear Earbud/Earpiece


Here is what comes in the box:
The Bluetooth ear bud
an attachable ear bud that is for the other ear you don’t have the main bud in
4 other sized ear bud covers
an attachable over the ear clip for the main ear bud
and a micro USB charging cable

Overall this is a very nice Bluetooth headset it has a mic and the battery life is decent. One down side to it is that the attachable earbud is a little quieter than the main ear bud but they both still sound great. I recommend this because it works well, sounds great, and is small enough to not bother you when you use it.

Here is the link to the product: Link

Wireless HDMI WiFi Display Dongle Share Videos Images Docs Live Camera Musics


Heres what comes in the box:
The wifi dongle
The wifi and power cord
An HDMI extender cable
and the Manual (Make sure to read the manual!)

So to set it up you need to plug the wifi/power cable into the dongle then plug the dongle into the HDMI port on you TV, and plug in the USB side of the cable into your TVs USB ports or an external USB power port. When I first connected the thing and tried to use it with my phone it took me about an hour to set it up with the “pro” app but after setting it up with that one I tried the non pro EZcast app and it worked better than the first one I found this weird but it was easier to set up. When connecting to your wifi hotspot or router you need to type in the passphrase on the tv while controlling the input with your computer or your phone. After wifi is set up on it and it connects to the internet my dongle needed to update and after that it was smooth sailing it was a bit laggy when using it as an extended or mirrored screen for my computer and phone I was also able to mirror my tablets screen it is a nextbook 8 on android 4.4.2.
Overall I think other adapters might be easier to set up, but after I set this one up it was great for watching youtube or to mirror my tablets screen. I would recommend this to someone who is a bit tech savvy and patient because it does take some knowhow of a computer and wifi network connecting to set it up.

Here is the link to the product: Link

High Performance Digital Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter,Car Bluetooth Receiver,FM Radio Stereo Adapter


This nifty little device is very nice!

Heres what comes in the box:
The Bluetooth/Auxiliary to FM adapter
An extra fuse
The manual
and an Auxiliary cord

I use this almost all the time when in a car it is a lot easier than burning all my music to discs. I like that it allows you to choose your own station to broadcast the sound to. The controls were a little confusing at first but I got used to them and can use it easily now. Another nice feature is the ability to charge two USB devices at once also making this double at an adapter to charge my phone in the car. The sound quality is almost non differentiable from a standard auxiliary connection its amazing how well bluetooth works in devices like this one. Since it is able to adjust to many angles it can fit many different positions giving it more versatility for many of the different outlets in my car. It does say there is echo cancellation and noise suppression although it isnt the best I can still answer calls with it and hear the person on the line.
Overall this item is great for wireless transmission from your cellphone or other bluetooth enabled device to your car stereo.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link