Controller for NES Classic Mini

Recently one of my NES controllers started to act up so getting this has been really nice on top of the Wireless NES Controller I reviewed a couple days ago.

Now this controller is pretty close to the actual one but the buttons feel different. The A and B button don’t feel as responsive as a normal controller and when trying to tap the quickly they make quite a loud plastic on plastic tapping sound.

I got this mostly for my Dad who plays our NES Classic Mini a lot and since getting the wireless controller I don’t think hes tried this new one. Overall if you need a controller and especially since this one can be bought through Amazon Prime One-day/Same-day shipping I recommend it, but going back to the Wireless NES Controller I would recommend instead getting that since its not much more expensive and it’s wireless!

If you’re interested in buying this controller here is the link¬†on Amazon.

I received this item at a reduced price.


August EP640 – Bluetooth Wireless Stereo NFC Headphones – Over Ear Cordless Headphones with 3.5mm Wired Audio In


These headphones are very nice in design and sound. They are comfortable, stylish, and have a good battery life.
While these headphones have very good sound quality they lack some of the low basses in music such as dubstep and some rap, but they make up by having crisp and clear treble and mid sounds. The ability to use either bluetooth or a wired connection is awesome it allows you to still listen to music even if the battery dies. I don’t notice any clear differences in the quality of the sound when changing from bluetooth to wired connection.
It is foldable allowing for easier storage. These headphones have separate volume settings from the device you are using. Using NFC it is very easy to connect to these headphones while putting them into pairing mode isn’t much harder it is very convenient.

The design is comparable to a pair of beats while being less than half the price. With padding on the earphones and the top band these are very comfortable to wear and I have worn them for more than an hour without any discomfort. They are over the ear so your ears fit in perfectly with some room between your ears and the speakers. The colors it comes in are Black and red with a matte finish and white is a glossy or “shiny” finish.
As a music lover these headphones are perfect for someone who looks to drown out all outside sounds when listening to music because these do a great job at noise cancellation. Comparing these to the August EP636 I would prefer the 6436 because they have better bass, but these are better at noise cancellation and the ability to use an auxiliary cord to connect to players that don’t have bluetooth.

Here is the link to the product: Here