4 Ports Desktop USB Car Charger USB Hub Car Power Supply


This 4 port car charger works perfectly I use it all the time on long trips it gives me the ability to charge all the electronics I use on trips. all the ports are 2.4 amps.
I recommend this to all people who travel often and need to charge on the go.

Link to product: Link


4 Ports Usb Wall Charger with Folding Plug


4 USB ports two, two Amp and two, one Amp
Blue LED (Indicates there is power to the USB ports)
The casing is made of plastic

It looks nice being colored black it matches most travel electronics I have. The ability to fold in the wall plug prongs is very nice and provides protection when carrying it in my travel bag. The plastic it is made of feels durable and being pretty small for a USB hub it is perfect for traveling.

I can compare this to the EasyAcc 5 port USB charging hub. The DiGiYes hub has two slots at two amps where the EasyAcc only has one so I would recommend this to people that may travel with multiple tablets or more than one item that requires a two amp USB hub. One problem I have with this charger is that it maxes output at 4 amps when the EasyAcc charger has a total max output of 7 amps allowing for more devices being charged at once.
Overall this charger is very nice I use it a lot especially when traveling it is perfect for hotels that don’t provide any ports and have few wall outlets.

Here is the link to the product: Link

Travel-Sized Multi Ports Desktop USB Charger with U-station Design


This device is perfect for me someone with a family that all need to use a USB charger at once!

Having 4 ports to a single outlet is great and it sits flat allowing for easy changing of cables and allows for you to just leave it and not worry about it. The covers provide good protection from dust or water (especially if used in a kitchen) they also protect the ports from objects falling into them. I have dropped it, but the only thing that happened to it was a little scratch on the corner.
When charging multiple devices I notice only a small change in the time for each individual device to charge and that was only a few minutes. It has four ports three of them are one amp and one of these is MFi certified for iPhones and iPods providing faster charging for those phones. The fourth port is an iPad or tablet MFi 2.4 amp certified port for fast charging of iPads.
Overall this hub is great for charging multiple devices and looks good at the same time.

I can compare this to the EasyAcc 5 port charger I would prefer the EasyAcc because it has 5 ports and more Amp measurements. They are about the same size without the cable this one has.

Here is the link to the reviewed product: Link