Lightning to USB Cable 3.28ft (1M)


This cable works perfectly for me.
The cable feels just like most of the charging cables that have come with my apple devices and unlike many others it feels sturdy and reliable. I was able to use this to connect my iPod to my computer and transfer files. Overall the build quality of this cable is in my opinion better than the original apple cables, so I would recommend this as a replacement cable if you need one.

Compared to the cable I received from Nexcon I would prefer to use the Nexcon because it feels more durable and looks better. Heres the link to the Nexcon cable: Link

Heres the link to the reviewed product: Link


[Apple MFi Certified] Nexcon Premium Lightning to USB Cable 3.3ft

[Apple MFi Certified] Nexcon Premium Lightning to USB Cable 3.3ft

The build quality of this cable is much better than an Apple cable especially with the protective nylon fiber cloth protecting the cord rather than the rubbery feel from an Apple cable. At about 40 inches this cable is about the same length as a standard Apple cable but with a nice design as I was provided an orange one with a black and white pattern. This cable even fits with all my iPhone 5 cases.
Looking at all the features of this cord it is stylish and durable. I did tie a knot in it once to see how it would hold up and it was surprisingly better than a normal apple cable because I have gotten knots in plain apple chargers and they would lose shape, but this cord easily unties and returns to original length.

Here is the link to the product: Here