Silicon Power Mobile X31 32GB USB 3.0 OTG Flash Drive for Android Smartphone and Tablet


Silicon Power Mobile X31 is the awesome especially when it comes to transferring data from your pc to your tablet or phone.Having both a micro USB and a USB 3.0 connection it provides very fast data transfer speeds.

All you have to do is plug it in and use it its that simple with any OTG supported device it allows you to use it without any additional cables. With the swivel cap design you can always have protection for the Micro USB end that lets you not worry about it getting bent or broken when storing it.

I really like the metal casing it is very lightweight while having great protection. I was also able to read information at upwards speeds of 20-25 MB per sec and write up to 15 MB per sec through my computers USB 3.0 port.

Overall the Silicon Power Brand is amazing when it comes to their data storage products I can always rely on them to retain and protect my data when needed. I definitely recommend this for the compact size and OTG ability.

Heres the link to the product on Amazon: Link


Universial Smartphone air vent Car Mount Holder


This is the perfect vent holder compared to a phone holder that attaches to the vent from wholesale stores this one is by far the best.
I have use this for a while and it holds very well especially for the large phones that I have tried in it. I have been able to test 3 different phones: an iPhone 6 plus, an iPhone 4, and a Samsung galaxy s3. all these phones fit very well with cases on while some other holders I have had trouble with cases because they were either made specifically for say an iPhone 6 without a case so it wouldn’t fit, but with this holder I have not had that problem.512n1ROGQpL._SL1000_

Having the swivel design is amazing it allows me to see my phone without having to move it. Overall this holder it very nifty it allows you to have freedom while driving and provides a more safe environment because you don’t have to move your phone while driving.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

Wireless HDMI WiFi Display Dongle Share Videos Images Docs Live Camera Musics


Heres what comes in the box:
The wifi dongle
The wifi and power cord
An HDMI extender cable
and the Manual (Make sure to read the manual!)

So to set it up you need to plug the wifi/power cable into the dongle then plug the dongle into the HDMI port on you TV, and plug in the USB side of the cable into your TVs USB ports or an external USB power port. When I first connected the thing and tried to use it with my phone it took me about an hour to set it up with the “pro” app but after setting it up with that one I tried the non pro EZcast app and it worked better than the first one I found this weird but it was easier to set up. When connecting to your wifi hotspot or router you need to type in the passphrase on the tv while controlling the input with your computer or your phone. After wifi is set up on it and it connects to the internet my dongle needed to update and after that it was smooth sailing it was a bit laggy when using it as an extended or mirrored screen for my computer and phone I was also able to mirror my tablets screen it is a nextbook 8 on android 4.4.2.
Overall I think other adapters might be easier to set up, but after I set this one up it was great for watching youtube or to mirror my tablets screen. I would recommend this to someone who is a bit tech savvy and patient because it does take some knowhow of a computer and wifi network connecting to set it up.

Here is the link to the product: Link