“iWork” Mini4.0 Minimal Sheltered Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 In Ear Earbud/Earpiece


Here is what comes in the box:
The Bluetooth ear bud
an attachable ear bud that is for the other ear you don’t have the main bud in
4 other sized ear bud covers
an attachable over the ear clip for the main ear bud
and a micro USB charging cable

Overall this is a very nice Bluetooth headset it has a mic and the battery life is decent. One down side to it is that the attachable earbud is a little quieter than the main ear bud but they both still sound great. I recommend this because it works well, sounds great, and is small enough to not bother you when you use it.

Here is the link to the product: Link


Soundpeats QCY Qy7 Mini Lightweight Wireless Stereo Sports/running & Gym/exercise Bluetooth Earbuds


These are probably my favorite pair of bluetooth earbuds they are comfortable and sound amazing.
Having the cord around the back of my head feels more comfortable to me when running but when sitting around listening to music the position didn’t matter. I can compare these to my pair of skull candy inked they both have very close sound quality but the skullcandy sounded more “round” because the right earbud on these sounded slightly quieter and didn’t seem to make a complete suction when putting it in my ear.
The battery life is very nice I got about four hours of music out of them and they charged pretty fast they took about two hours to completely charge.
Being a sporty green they match a few of my under armor shirts.
pressing the button on the side can pause/play music and answer calls while using the mic on them to communicate. There is a separate volume control from your phone on the headphones and can be changed by pressing the plus or minus sign to change it. Having the extra support piece is nice it does help to keep the earphones in position. Being earbuds the sound cancellation is great you can focus on your workout while drowning out outside noises.
Overall these provide great sound I would recommend these to anyone who enjoys taking a jog or working out with music comfortably.

Here is the link to this item on Amazon: Link

High Performance Digital Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter,Car Bluetooth Receiver,FM Radio Stereo Adapter


This nifty little device is very nice!

Heres what comes in the box:
The Bluetooth/Auxiliary to FM adapter
An extra fuse
The manual
and an Auxiliary cord

I use this almost all the time when in a car it is a lot easier than burning all my music to discs. I like that it allows you to choose your own station to broadcast the sound to. The controls were a little confusing at first but I got used to them and can use it easily now. Another nice feature is the ability to charge two USB devices at once also making this double at an adapter to charge my phone in the car. The sound quality is almost non differentiable from a standard auxiliary connection its amazing how well bluetooth works in devices like this one. Since it is able to adjust to many angles it can fit many different positions giving it more versatility for many of the different outlets in my car. It does say there is echo cancellation and noise suppression although it isnt the best I can still answer calls with it and hear the person on the line.
Overall this item is great for wireless transmission from your cellphone or other bluetooth enabled device to your car stereo.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

EasyAcc AR02 Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Music Streaming Receiver


What comes in the box:
The Bluetooth audio device
An auxiliary cord
A micro USB cable to charge the device
A wall USB charger
A manual
and an aux to RCA cable

This bluetooth receiver provides good clear sound to my stereo system from my phone. The device is NFC compatible and has a great battery life I have used it for at least 24 hours of music without charging it so far and it’s still working. I have gone about 15 feet from the device with a wall in the way and still have a good connection and sound quality. Although it’s made of plastic, I the build quality is still very good. It was easy to pair to my iPhone. When I compare this to an Aukey Portable bluetooth audio adapter I find this one sounds a little more clear and has a better battery life, but the Aukey only beats it by being more portable and easier to use with a headset or headphones because it is easier to carry.
Overall as a bluetooth receiver for my stereo I can leave it next to it and turn it on and instantly have wireless music streamed through my speakers.

If you are interested in it here is the product link on amazon: Link