2.4A Lightning Car Charger with Built-in Apple 8-Pin Lightning Coiled Cord


The Nexcon 2.4A Lightning Car Charger feels very durable especially for a universal car charger. This Nexcon Lightning charger features a High Output of 2.4 Amps and has an Apple MFi Certification which is designed to charge Apple devices through a lightening port on your device. There is no impact on your cars radio or bluetooth ability. It also has an extra USB port on it to charge other devices that use USB. The safety overcharge feature is really nice it stops charging your phone or other device when it is completely charged.

Overall this is a really nice charger it provides a nice quick charge when I need it in my car and the plug into the outlet is nice and discreet with little hanging out.

Heres the link to the product on Amazon: Link


iPhone 5/5s Battery Case


Very nice charging case for the price.
I like that its not too bulky but still feels protective overall. The kickstand is very nice since I like to watch movies on my phone. The holes at the bottom allow the sound from the speaker and to the mic to be heard and is very nice. To put it on your phone you need to first take off the plastic edge then slide your phone onto the lightning connector and put the plastic edge back on. It does take some time to put the piece that holds the phone to the case back on but after it’s on I trust that it’s on pretty well and won’t come off randomly. I don’t like the need for the audio jack extender it is a little annoying to have to carry it around if I plan to use a good pair of headphones but for the extra battery power for my phone its worth it.
The battery charges the phone just like a normal charger you would use from a wall outlet. It also charges at a decent rate letting you use while you charge and still gaining battery power.

Overall this case is very handy and provides a good two hours of game play and 3-4 for watching movies.

Here is where you can find this case on Amazon: Link

[Apple-Certified]B5 MFi 2200mAh Ultraslim iPhone 5 5s Battery Charging Case


What comes in the Box:
The 2200 mAh charging case
A Headphone jack extender
A micro USB charging cable
and a poorly worded manual
Build quality:
The build quality of this case is pretty good one thing I would recommend with taking the top off is to follow the directions and pull on the top edge with the hole for the camera because otherwise the top isn’t the easiest to take off. One thing I worry about is the mechanism used to hold the top on I fear that it may eventually become either broken or rubbed down to the point it won’t hold anymore. For someone like me who has dropped his phone a few times I would trust this case at relatively low heights. A nice aspect of this case is that it is lightweight and compared to other battery cases is smaller and easier to fit in my pocket. The cases paint and colors feel and look very good adding to the visual aspect.
The 4 lights on the back tell you the amount of charge in the battery at 25% intervals.
2200 mAh provides a good backup for when you forget to charge your phone over night.
Uses a micro USB cable to charge.
You may be unable to use angled audio plugs in this because the case has a hole in the bottom for it but it is pretty deep but the case comes with an adapter to allow all headphones to connect to it.
The top is difficult to get off if you don’t know how to take it off properly and may cause damage if done wrong.
The plastic around the sound buttons does not feel very sturdy it may break over time from average use.

Overall this case feels well made, but when using it with a few pairs of headphones I need to use the adapter and I usually don’t bring it with me forcing me to either use a different pair of headphones or take the case off to listen to music.

Heres the link to the product: Here