Soundpeats QCY Qy7 Mini Lightweight Wireless Stereo Sports/running & Gym/exercise Bluetooth Earbuds


These are probably my favorite pair of bluetooth earbuds they are comfortable and sound amazing.
Having the cord around the back of my head feels more comfortable to me when running but when sitting around listening to music the position didn’t matter. I can compare these to my pair of skull candy inked they both have very close sound quality but the skullcandy sounded more “round” because the right earbud on these sounded slightly quieter and didn’t seem to make a complete suction when putting it in my ear.
The battery life is very nice I got about four hours of music out of them and they charged pretty fast they took about two hours to completely charge.
Being a sporty green they match a few of my under armor shirts.
pressing the button on the side can pause/play music and answer calls while using the mic on them to communicate. There is a separate volume control from your phone on the headphones and can be changed by pressing the plus or minus sign to change it. Having the extra support piece is nice it does help to keep the earphones in position. Being earbuds the sound cancellation is great you can focus on your workout while drowning out outside noises.
Overall these provide great sound I would recommend these to anyone who enjoys taking a jog or working out with music comfortably.

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August EP636 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo NFC Headphones

The August EP636 Bluetooth headphones are a pair of headphones that give good sound for their price.
When using these headphones I went through a playlist of songs from some of the lowest sounding Dubstep to some high treble electronic music because that is the kind of music I listen to and they provide a wide range of sounds and vocal artists.
The bass of these headphones are comparable to a $100 pair of headphones I got from best buy. These headphones give strong sounding bass and no crackling when listening from low to high. The wireless aspect of these headphones is perfect when walking or even jogging because they fit well and are comfortable with padding on the earphones and top band. The earphones on them are adjustable and conform to your ears providing the perfect fit.
This item comes with:
A manual and a Charging cable
They provide comfort, Adjustability, and Free movement because of no wires.
They allow for NFC connection for easy bluetooth connections.
The battery life is good up to 12 hours I have only had to charge them the day I got them and they have worked for 4 days straight with about 2-3 hours use each day.
It uses a micro USB cable like many tablets and phones.
The bass and treble is very clear.
Only a 3 hour charge period
Since the earphones do swivel I fear that the paint in between the earphones and the band may rub off.
Turning them on can be somewhat annoying. I believe when you need to turn them on you need to press the pause/play button once before pressing and holding it to turn them on.
When using the mic while listening to sound, the sounds get quieter and distorted although this may be the because of the device that I used to use both the mic and sound at the same time on.
The light that shows they are on is a bright blue so it may annoy others.

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August EP615 – Bluetooth Wireless NFC Earphones

Heres what comes in the box:
A micro USB cable for charging
A manual
and the Headphones

These headphones provide a good treble but lack the bass but thats understandable because of the design and price. This is the second pair of headphones of this style I have used and they by far beat the other especially because the other pair I used were old so they weren’t good for really any music and were wired. The band that goes around the back of your neck would look like its uncomfortable but it surprisingly isn’t so wearing it for hours is easy at one point I forgot I was wearing them while working.

when I look at the design of these headphones I see the lightweight, sleekness and their ability to stay on when walking, jogging or doing housework. Since these are very lightweight this adds to the ability to just put them on and forget about them while working. The sound leakage while listening to them at about half volume on an iPhone allows a person as close as about 10 feet to hear them so they aren’t very good in the sound leakage aspect but when I used them it didn’t matter. The battery life on these only lasted me about a day while using them for about 5 hours even after charging them the recommended amount of time before using them although they stated they would last 8 hours in the manual.These also coil up into about a 2 inch across circle for compact storage. One thing I worry about is the foam on the earphones being torn because the padding doesn’t feel very resistant or strong.

The bluetooth connection on these at first was not very good disconnecting when the device was moved about 3 or more feet away from the headset but after about 10 minutes the connection was perfect giving clear sound at 30 feet. Using this for taking calls is perfect because you an answer the call without even taking out your phone with the built in mic it has you can just talk

While these have a very sturdy and compact design what I look for mostly in a pair of headphones is good bass so if you are just looking for a pair of headphones to listen to dubstep these aren’t for you but they work very well for treble and mid sounds.This item gets 4 stars because it is very nice but the battery life isn’t as good as good as it states and I would not want to use headphones that require charging every day and there is a quiet noise when listening to music at low volumes.

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