Exgreem Fidget Spinner

I have a couple fidget spinners and this is the first three edged metal one. I like the metal fidget spinners because they have more weight and feel like they spin longer. I like to use this as a one handed spinner because the weight allows you to put more power into the spin with one hand making it spin longer.
In the video shown this spinner lasted about 2:50 but in hand it has lasted as long as 4 minutes on a decent spin. This spinner doesn’t use the same bearing as many other spinners but based on the time I don’t think that matters. This spinner is a little noisy, but I only use my spinners at home so it doesn’t effect me, but if you were to use it somewhere quiet it would be audible from a distance.
Overall the build quality of this spinner is quite nice I highly prefer metal spinners as opposed to the 3D printed ones or the other plastic ones. I feel like this is a spinner that will last especially as I have dropped it a couple times with minimal damage to the metal finish.

If you’re interested in purchasing this fidget spinner here is the Amazon link.

I received this product at a discounted price.