Unique Premium Rubber Paint Finish 5200mAh Ultra Portable External Battery Charger with Flashlight


Overall the design of this is really nice I like the compactness and the one amp charging port.
It looks nice and sleek I like the matte black paint and it fits very nicely in your pocket. I also like the .1 Watt led it is nice and bright adding to the already very useful product. I was able to charge all my mobile devices (iPhone 4, iPhone 6, Galaxy s3, Winbook Tablet, and Bluetooth headphones) that use USB easily so I would see no problem with compatibility of any other devices.
There is a power button on the side that when pressed starts charging the device connected to it and is nothing is connected it shows the percentage of charge at 25% per blue led on the front. When you double press the power button it activates the flashlight, pressing and holding activates a sos sequence from the led light.
One downside is that there is only one USB port, but from a 5200 mAh charger I wouldn’t try charging multiple devices at once anyway.

Heres the link to the product on Amazon: Link


Wifi Portable Hi-fi Link Box Wireless Audio Receiver Airplay Dlna Qplay for Ios Andorid


This is a very nice music streaming device it provides a decent sound quality.
Heres what comes in the box:
The HiFiLink Box Device
A really nice aux cable I got a black and red braided
and a Micro USB charging cable

The sound quality is decent on this device, the lows aren’t the best but the mids and highs were pretty strong. I like the portability and how easy it is to use and set up. All you have to do is connect to it with your phone using wifi and with Apple devices all you have to do is use airplay and you can play your music on anything connected to the Link Box
Overall if you need this to play video or any audio from your phone it will work very well.

Heres the link to the product on amazon: Link

Silicon Power Mobile X31 32GB USB 3.0 OTG Flash Drive for Android Smartphone and Tablet


Silicon Power Mobile X31 is the awesome especially when it comes to transferring data from your pc to your tablet or phone.Having both a micro USB and a USB 3.0 connection it provides very fast data transfer speeds.

All you have to do is plug it in and use it its that simple with any OTG supported device it allows you to use it without any additional cables. With the swivel cap design you can always have protection for the Micro USB end that lets you not worry about it getting bent or broken when storing it.

I really like the metal casing it is very lightweight while having great protection. I was also able to read information at upwards speeds of 20-25 MB per sec and write up to 15 MB per sec through my computers USB 3.0 port.

Overall the Silicon Power Brand is amazing when it comes to their data storage products I can always rely on them to retain and protect my data when needed. I definitely recommend this for the compact size and OTG ability.

Heres the link to the product on Amazon: Link

iPhone 6 Battery Case (4.7 Inches) – 3100mAh External Protective iPhone 6 Charger Case


Here are some of the basic Specs:
You should use a 1A power adapter to charge the case
This case outputs 1A to your phone
The case has a capacity of 3100 mAh
The battery type is Li-Polymer
It also has a short circuit and overcharge protection

This is what comes in the package:
Power Case
USB power cable
2 different colored frames. I got a Grey one and a Clear one
A User Manual
and an audio jack cable to let you use all headphones with the case on. It does support mics too

This case fits my phone very well and provides a nice tight fit. You do need to use the audio jack extender in order to use some Headphones that have a 90 degree bend in the plug like my Sol Republic headphones cable. There are holes at the bottom of the case so you can still use the built-in mic and speaker on the phone with little distortion from plastic getting in the way of them. The matte look of the paint on the case is really nice and provides a slightly better grip from other cases I have used. Having the ability to use different colored frames is really nice especially if you like to change up cases after a while because you can change the cases frame making it look a bit different. There are 4 led lights on the back that light up for each 25 percent the cases battery has.

I was able to get one full charge from dead and about a 30 percent charge. To initiate a charge you need to hold the button for 3-4 seconds. This case also feels very protective of my phone because of the ridges the frame has that also covers the front edges of the phone.

I like this case a lot because it is very convenient when you need that extra charge for your phone.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

2.4A Lightning Car Charger with Built-in Apple 8-Pin Lightning Coiled Cord


The Nexcon 2.4A Lightning Car Charger feels very durable especially for a universal car charger. This Nexcon Lightning charger features a High Output of 2.4 Amps and has an Apple MFi Certification which is designed to charge Apple devices through a lightening port on your device. There is no impact on your cars radio or bluetooth ability. It also has an extra USB port on it to charge other devices that use USB. The safety overcharge feature is really nice it stops charging your phone or other device when it is completely charged.

Overall this is a really nice charger it provides a nice quick charge when I need it in my car and the plug into the outlet is nice and discreet with little hanging out.

Heres the link to the product on Amazon: Link

Bluetooth 3.0 BoomBox NFC Speaker Protable TF Card USB Speaker Powerful Crystal-Clear Sound Subwoofer Sound


This is one of the best Bluetooth speakers I have used I love the sound quality and it can produce loud music while keeping a very nice quality sound.

LED Touch screen
Replaceable battery
Uses micro USB cable to charge
Great Quality bass and treble
multiple choice for playing music SD card, Aux cord, USB flash, and Bluetooth.
NFC connectivity
FM radio
Sweet design on the front and sides
It also has a mic

The battery life is pretty bad I was only able to get 2 hours of playing time I tested this while listening to music at full volume on the speaker and half volume on my phone.
It took almost an hour to charge having only 2 hours of playing time
The language sometimes changes without me changing it

Since I found more pros than cons when using this speaker I only take one star just for the play time.

The interface is pretty simple it lets you pause/play music and answer calls by holding the play button, it has a separate volume level control from the music source, and there are forward and backward song skip buttons.

Having a design instead of just a square of mesh in front of the speaker is very nice also. The metal around the sides of the speaker is nice it feels strong enough to protect from a drop but is still lightweight enough to easily move it.

The charging indicator is on top in the led display it shows two separate battery shapes one that is completely lit and the other has lines through it indicating a low charge. When the charge is complete the battery without lines will stay on steady instead of flashing in between the full and low battery symbol.

So overall this speaker sounds very nice and I would recommend it to an average music listener but the battery life isn’t the best if you plan to use it for longer periods of time.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

Compact Beta Version(Lower Design Project) Water Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker


\I love the design of this speaker it allows you to use it while taking a shower, boating, etc.. I was amazed at the quality of a waterproof speaker that has decent bass and the sound is not distorted if it gets extremely wet unlike some other speakers I have gotten very little water on and produce little to no sound. There are holes on the suction cup side is where the sound comes from so when your’e in the shower you can use the front buttons to change the song, volume and answer calls with the front mic without worrying about it. Overall this is a very nice speaker I would recommend because it is water proof and has a nice sound quality that I haven’t seen from most waterproof speakers I have used.

Link to product on Amazon: Link