Bumper case for iPhone 6 Plus


I like this case it is really nice and lightweight but protective.
When it comes to design this is amazing I like the air pockets on the corners especially since that is the way I broke the screen the of one of my old phones I had dropped on the corner, But with this case there is a space inbetween the corner of the case and the corner of the phone providing a cushion like protection. Also having the dots on the inside of the case where the back of the phone contacts the case also creates a slight extra cushion that creates a slightly better protection than having it directly on the back of the phone. The openings on the bottom allow you to use the cell phone’s mic and speaker. You are also able to use normal headphones rather than having to use an extender like some other cases I use.
This case also comes with an anti dust plug to keep dust and stuff in your pocket or bag from entering the phone through the headphone slot.
Overall this is a really nice case I can trust my phone in it from short drops


Heres the link to the product on Amazon: Link


USB 2.0 Long Micro USB Interface Cable


To start it off this cable works for data transmission and charging.
I like how this cord feels overall because it feels much stronger than normal cables that come with products. It charges my tablet at the same rate as the cord that came with it. Being 10 feet this allows me to walk around the room with my tablet at hand which is awesome because normal cables that are about 1-3 feet only allow you to use your tablet right next to an outlet.
Overall this cable is awesome it gives you freedom to charge your electronics and sync them to your computer it is just what I needed.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

[Apple MFi Certified] Nexcon Premium Lightning to USB Cable 3.3ft

[Apple MFi Certified] Nexcon Premium Lightning to USB Cable 3.3ft

The build quality of this cable is much better than an Apple cable especially with the protective nylon fiber cloth protecting the cord rather than the rubbery feel from an Apple cable. At about 40 inches this cable is about the same length as a standard Apple cable but with a nice design as I was provided an orange one with a black and white pattern. This cable even fits with all my iPhone 5 cases.
Looking at all the features of this cord it is stylish and durable. I did tie a knot in it once to see how it would hold up and it was surprisingly better than a normal apple cable because I have gotten knots in plain apple chargers and they would lose shape, but this cord easily unties and returns to original length.

Here is the link to the product: Here