Bluetooth 3.0 BoomBox NFC Speaker Protable TF Card USB Speaker Powerful Crystal-Clear Sound Subwoofer Sound


This is one of the best Bluetooth speakers I have used I love the sound quality and it can produce loud music while keeping a very nice quality sound.

LED Touch screen
Replaceable battery
Uses micro USB cable to charge
Great Quality bass and treble
multiple choice for playing music SD card, Aux cord, USB flash, and Bluetooth.
NFC connectivity
FM radio
Sweet design on the front and sides
It also has a mic

The battery life is pretty bad I was only able to get 2 hours of playing time I tested this while listening to music at full volume on the speaker and half volume on my phone.
It took almost an hour to charge having only 2 hours of playing time
The language sometimes changes without me changing it

Since I found more pros than cons when using this speaker I only take one star just for the play time.

The interface is pretty simple it lets you pause/play music and answer calls by holding the play button, it has a separate volume level control from the music source, and there are forward and backward song skip buttons.

Having a design instead of just a square of mesh in front of the speaker is very nice also. The metal around the sides of the speaker is nice it feels strong enough to protect from a drop but is still lightweight enough to easily move it.

The charging indicator is on top in the led display it shows two separate battery shapes one that is completely lit and the other has lines through it indicating a low charge. When the charge is complete the battery without lines will stay on steady instead of flashing in between the full and low battery symbol.

So overall this speaker sounds very nice and I would recommend it to an average music listener but the battery life isn’t the best if you plan to use it for longer periods of time.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link


Nexcon® Solar Panel Charger 5000mAh Rain-resistant and Dirt/Shockproof Dual USB Port Portable Charger

Nexcon Solar Panel Charger 5000mAh

This is a nice compact 5000 mAh lithium polymer battery charger and feels very sturdy. This item comes with a short Micro USB cable, a micro USB to 40 pin adapter for devices such as an apple iPhone 4/4s and a clip to hold it to a bag or purse.
This charger has 4 blue indicator lights
1 Led: Green means its charging via solar panel. Blue means it is at ~25% power
2 Led: Blue means ~50% power
3 Led: Blue means ~75% power
4 Led: Blue means ~100% power
The light that is flashing indicates the current percent the charger is at while charging a device.
It does say in the manual to double-click the power button to turn on the led flashlight but to actually turn it on you press and hold it.
Two USB ports – With the ability to charge two devices at 5 Volts 1 Amp each
Charging indicator lights
Solar charger
Led Flashlight – perfect for the average camper
Outputs 2 Amps at 5 volts when charging one device
Rubber Protective Bumpers – provide shock protection
Covers for the charging port and USB ports
It can be charged using a standard android charger
It is able to charge any of my devices that use a USB port to charge
Lightweight and compact
I wish it came with a longer charging cable but that isn’t a very big deal since they are very easy and cheap to get.
The Small Solar panel makes its charging speed slow but it is very effective for keeping it topped off at a full charge

Here is the link: Here