Outdoor Sport Rugged Bluetooth V3.0 Speaker, 6-10 Hour Playtime


This is a great speaker, for the size it has very nice bass and and has nice crisp clear treble. The sound does slightly distort at max volume but that is the same for most small speakers like this one.

It has some weight to it and the outer shell is very nice. I like the matte finish with the grey band around it creating a nice contrast between each half of the speaker.

Durable, it has withstood a few drops.
Sound is amazing for the type of speaker.
It can use a Bluetooth connection and use a SD card to play music.
NFC Ability
Nice battery life
Non-slip grip on the bottom

The buttons are sometimes not responsive

The pros far outweigh the cons.

When it comes to sound this speaker packs a punch from the lows to the highs the quality is nice. The speakers size to sound is amazing.
Overall this speaker is perfect for the average music connoisseur who likes to enjoy music on the go.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link


Bluetooth 3.0 BoomBox NFC Speaker Protable TF Card USB Speaker Powerful Crystal-Clear Sound Subwoofer Sound


This is one of the best Bluetooth speakers I have used I love the sound quality and it can produce loud music while keeping a very nice quality sound.

LED Touch screen
Replaceable battery
Uses micro USB cable to charge
Great Quality bass and treble
multiple choice for playing music SD card, Aux cord, USB flash, and Bluetooth.
NFC connectivity
FM radio
Sweet design on the front and sides
It also has a mic

The battery life is pretty bad I was only able to get 2 hours of playing time I tested this while listening to music at full volume on the speaker and half volume on my phone.
It took almost an hour to charge having only 2 hours of playing time
The language sometimes changes without me changing it

Since I found more pros than cons when using this speaker I only take one star just for the play time.

The interface is pretty simple it lets you pause/play music and answer calls by holding the play button, it has a separate volume level control from the music source, and there are forward and backward song skip buttons.

Having a design instead of just a square of mesh in front of the speaker is very nice also. The metal around the sides of the speaker is nice it feels strong enough to protect from a drop but is still lightweight enough to easily move it.

The charging indicator is on top in the led display it shows two separate battery shapes one that is completely lit and the other has lines through it indicating a low charge. When the charge is complete the battery without lines will stay on steady instead of flashing in between the full and low battery symbol.

So overall this speaker sounds very nice and I would recommend it to an average music listener but the battery life isn’t the best if you plan to use it for longer periods of time.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Type-A Female to Female Adapter Bridge Extension Coupler Gender Changer Connector


There isn’t much to say about this it is perfect I notice no speed difference when using it for my external HD. Being able to connect two USB 3.0 cables together is very convenient especially if you are using all the front USB ports on the front of your computer with great speeds.

Amazon product link: Link

Qi Cylindric Wireless Charger Charging Pad


Here is what comes in the box, the Qi Wireless Charger and a micro USB cable.
It charges my Nexus phone well but not as fast as a cable but that is expected. The only reason this loses a star is because the angle on the charging pad can make your phone fall off and not charge if not put on correctly leading to a dead phone in the morning.
Overall this is a nice wireless charging pad it charges my phone well while holding it up to let me see the notifications if I get some. One thing to make sure you have is the thing that goes on the battery that allows it to be charged without this the charging pad is useless.

Here is the link: Link

USB 2.0 Long Micro USB Interface Cable


To start it off this cable works for data transmission and charging.
I like how this cord feels overall because it feels much stronger than normal cables that come with products. It charges my tablet at the same rate as the cord that came with it. Being 10 feet this allows me to walk around the room with my tablet at hand which is awesome because normal cables that are about 1-3 feet only allow you to use your tablet right next to an outlet.
Overall this cable is awesome it gives you freedom to charge your electronics and sync them to your computer it is just what I needed.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

4 Ports Usb Wall Charger with Folding Plug


4 USB ports two, two Amp and two, one Amp
Blue LED (Indicates there is power to the USB ports)
The casing is made of plastic

It looks nice being colored black it matches most travel electronics I have. The ability to fold in the wall plug prongs is very nice and provides protection when carrying it in my travel bag. The plastic it is made of feels durable and being pretty small for a USB hub it is perfect for traveling.

I can compare this to the EasyAcc 5 port USB charging hub. The DiGiYes hub has two slots at two amps where the EasyAcc only has one so I would recommend this to people that may travel with multiple tablets or more than one item that requires a two amp USB hub. One problem I have with this charger is that it maxes output at 4 amps when the EasyAcc charger has a total max output of 7 amps allowing for more devices being charged at once.
Overall this charger is very nice I use it a lot especially when traveling it is perfect for hotels that don’t provide any ports and have few wall outlets.

Here is the link to the product: Link