Outdoor Sport Rugged Bluetooth V3.0 Speaker, 6-10 Hour Playtime


This is a great speaker, for the size it has very nice bass and and has nice crisp clear treble. The sound does slightly distort at max volume but that is the same for most small speakers like this one.

It has some weight to it and the outer shell is very nice. I like the matte finish with the grey band around it creating a nice contrast between each half of the speaker.

Durable, it has withstood a few drops.
Sound is amazing for the type of speaker.
It can use a Bluetooth connection and use a SD card to play music.
NFC Ability
Nice battery life
Non-slip grip on the bottom

The buttons are sometimes not responsive

The pros far outweigh the cons.

When it comes to sound this speaker packs a punch from the lows to the highs the quality is nice. The speakers size to sound is amazing.
Overall this speaker is perfect for the average music connoisseur who likes to enjoy music on the go.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link


Bluetooth 3.0 BoomBox NFC Speaker Protable TF Card USB Speaker Powerful Crystal-Clear Sound Subwoofer Sound


This is one of the best Bluetooth speakers I have used I love the sound quality and it can produce loud music while keeping a very nice quality sound.

LED Touch screen
Replaceable battery
Uses micro USB cable to charge
Great Quality bass and treble
multiple choice for playing music SD card, Aux cord, USB flash, and Bluetooth.
NFC connectivity
FM radio
Sweet design on the front and sides
It also has a mic

The battery life is pretty bad I was only able to get 2 hours of playing time I tested this while listening to music at full volume on the speaker and half volume on my phone.
It took almost an hour to charge having only 2 hours of playing time
The language sometimes changes without me changing it

Since I found more pros than cons when using this speaker I only take one star just for the play time.

The interface is pretty simple it lets you pause/play music and answer calls by holding the play button, it has a separate volume level control from the music source, and there are forward and backward song skip buttons.

Having a design instead of just a square of mesh in front of the speaker is very nice also. The metal around the sides of the speaker is nice it feels strong enough to protect from a drop but is still lightweight enough to easily move it.

The charging indicator is on top in the led display it shows two separate battery shapes one that is completely lit and the other has lines through it indicating a low charge. When the charge is complete the battery without lines will stay on steady instead of flashing in between the full and low battery symbol.

So overall this speaker sounds very nice and I would recommend it to an average music listener but the battery life isn’t the best if you plan to use it for longer periods of time.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

Compact Beta Version(Lower Design Project) Water Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker


\I love the design of this speaker it allows you to use it while taking a shower, boating, etc.. I was amazed at the quality of a waterproof speaker that has decent bass and the sound is not distorted if it gets extremely wet unlike some other speakers I have gotten very little water on and produce little to no sound. There are holes on the suction cup side is where the sound comes from so when your’e in the shower you can use the front buttons to change the song, volume and answer calls with the front mic without worrying about it. Overall this is a very nice speaker I would recommend because it is water proof and has a nice sound quality that I haven’t seen from most waterproof speakers I have used.

Link to product on Amazon: Link

Mini Handsfree Bluetooth 3.0+EDR Compliant Wireless SoundBox Stereo Speaker


This works very well for all mobile phones, Tablet PCs, and Laptops I have used it with via Bluetooth while it also supports Line In auxiliary audio input. The Hands-free speaker is really nice if you get a call while listening to music so you don’t have to find your phone. The voice prompts tells you the type of connection you are using and when the battery level is low. You can enjoy good quality sound at home or traveling. It looks nice especially with the transparent shell, smooth touch, and its small and easy to carry around.

This product includes:
Bluetooth Speaker
3.5mm Audio Cable
Micro USB Power Cable
English User Manual

Built-in 400mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery lasted me over 8 hours of play time.
Overall I love the amount of play time I can get off of a single charge I was amazed after listening to this for over 6 hours then without charging it I listened to it for another 3 hours the next day. The sound quality is amazing but on heavy bass parts the speaker sounds like something is rattling on the bottom i’m guessing its the buttons on the bottom but overall it is really nice.

Heres the link to the product on Amazon: Link

EasyAcc AR02 Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Music Streaming Receiver


What comes in the box:
The Bluetooth audio device
An auxiliary cord
A micro USB cable to charge the device
A wall USB charger
A manual
and an aux to RCA cable

This bluetooth receiver provides good clear sound to my stereo system from my phone. The device is NFC compatible and has a great battery life I have used it for at least 24 hours of music without charging it so far and it’s still working. I have gone about 15 feet from the device with a wall in the way and still have a good connection and sound quality. Although it’s made of plastic, I the build quality is still very good. It was easy to pair to my iPhone. When I compare this to an Aukey Portable bluetooth audio adapter I find this one sounds a little more clear and has a better battery life, but the Aukey only beats it by being more portable and easier to use with a headset or headphones because it is easier to carry.
Overall as a bluetooth receiver for my stereo I can leave it next to it and turn it on and instantly have wireless music streamed through my speakers.

If you are interested in it here is the product link on amazon: Link

Senbowe Waterproof Dustproof Portable Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Outdoor Speaker/Bluetooth Speaker/Shower Speaker with Handsfree


This Waterproof portable bluetooth speaker is very nice.
This is what comes in the box:
Charging Cable
Suction Cup

This speaker has a microphone in it for answering calls or using siri. The buttons on it are pretty straightforward the top two skip songs/changes the volume the bottom left button pauses and plays music or can answer calls and the bottom right when held turns on or off the speaker.
When listening to this speaker it is amazing for being such a small speaker it packs a punch with the mids and low bass I was surprised. I tested this while taking a shower and even when the front metal mesh got wet it still provided good sounds. The battery is pretty good I have used it for at least 3 hours and its still good.

Based on the music I would give it a 10 out of 10 because when listening to it at high volumes it doesn’t distort the sound even when having my music player on full bass and it still delivers very well on the vocals.
On design I give it a 7 out of 10 because the piece that goes over the charging port doesn’t always stay on the best and this could lead to damage if it gets the charging port wet.
Overall this I feel that this speaker is very durable and the sound quality is very nice I would in no doubt trust using this on a boat, on in the shower, and when camping without worrying about it getting broken.

The link to find it is: Here