Wifi Portable Hi-fi Link Box Wireless Audio Receiver Airplay Dlna Qplay for Ios Andorid


This is a very nice music streaming device it provides a decent sound quality.
Heres what comes in the box:
The HiFiLink Box Device
A really nice aux cable I got a black and red braided
and a Micro USB charging cable

The sound quality is decent on this device, the lows aren’t the best but the mids and highs were pretty strong. I like the portability and how easy it is to use and set up. All you have to do is connect to it with your phone using wifi and with Apple devices all you have to do is use airplay and you can play your music on anything connected to the Link Box
Overall if you need this to play video or any audio from your phone it will work very well.

Heres the link to the product on amazon: Link


Compact Beta Version(Lower Design Project) Water Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker


\I love the design of this speaker it allows you to use it while taking a shower, boating, etc.. I was amazed at the quality of a waterproof speaker that has decent bass and the sound is not distorted if it gets extremely wet unlike some other speakers I have gotten very little water on and produce little to no sound. There are holes on the suction cup side is where the sound comes from so when your’e in the shower you can use the front buttons to change the song, volume and answer calls with the front mic without worrying about it. Overall this is a very nice speaker I would recommend because it is water proof and has a nice sound quality that I haven’t seen from most waterproof speakers I have used.

Link to product on Amazon: Link

Mini Mushroom Appearance Wireless Bluetooth Speaker For Laptops and Smartphones


I like this small speaker it is perfect to replace a phones built-in speaker.
As far as the design goes I like that it has a pretty good amount of power compared the its size. The suction cup isn’t the best but it works on the back of my iPhone and on smooth surfaces better than matte finished or rough surfaces as expected. I can compare this speaker to the August ms450 in terms of loudness I prefer this but the overall quality of sound goes to the August especially because of the bass. The Mini Mushroom is overall a great speaker to replace your cellphone speaker I would not plan on using it for other purposes but it is still very nice and can provide nice loud sound.

Heres the link to the product on Amazon: Link

“iWork” Mini4.0 Minimal Sheltered Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 In Ear Earbud/Earpiece


Here is what comes in the box:
The Bluetooth ear bud
an attachable ear bud that is for the other ear you don’t have the main bud in
4 other sized ear bud covers
an attachable over the ear clip for the main ear bud
and a micro USB charging cable

Overall this is a very nice Bluetooth headset it has a mic and the battery life is decent. One down side to it is that the attachable earbud is a little quieter than the main ear bud but they both still sound great. I recommend this because it works well, sounds great, and is small enough to not bother you when you use it.

Here is the link to the product: Link

EasyAcc AR02 Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Music Streaming Receiver


What comes in the box:
The Bluetooth audio device
An auxiliary cord
A micro USB cable to charge the device
A wall USB charger
A manual
and an aux to RCA cable

This bluetooth receiver provides good clear sound to my stereo system from my phone. The device is NFC compatible and has a great battery life I have used it for at least 24 hours of music without charging it so far and it’s still working. I have gone about 15 feet from the device with a wall in the way and still have a good connection and sound quality. Although it’s made of plastic, I the build quality is still very good. It was easy to pair to my iPhone. When I compare this to an Aukey Portable bluetooth audio adapter I find this one sounds a little more clear and has a better battery life, but the Aukey only beats it by being more portable and easier to use with a headset or headphones because it is easier to carry.
Overall as a bluetooth receiver for my stereo I can leave it next to it and turn it on and instantly have wireless music streamed through my speakers.

If you are interested in it here is the product link on amazon: Link