2.4A Lightning Car Charger with Built-in Apple 8-Pin Lightning Coiled Cord


The Nexcon 2.4A Lightning Car Charger feels very durable especially for a universal car charger. This Nexcon Lightning charger features a High Output of 2.4 Amps and has an Apple MFi Certification which is designed to charge Apple devices through a lightening port on your device. There is no impact on your cars radio or bluetooth ability. It also has an extra USB port on it to charge other devices that use USB. The safety overcharge feature is really nice it stops charging your phone or other device when it is completely charged.

Overall this is a really nice charger it provides a nice quick charge when I need it in my car and the plug into the outlet is nice and discreet with little hanging out.

Heres the link to the product on Amazon: Link


EasyAcc 6400 mAh Dual USB Power Bank Aluminum Alloy Portable External Battery Charger


I love the sleek design and it fits nicely into the palm of your hand. This power bank comes with two micro USB cables and a manual.
I was able to quickly charge this and all the devices I used it to charge. I was able to get a complete charge into my phone in less that two hours. It also has two USB ports so you can charge two things at once or charge something at a faster speed on the 2.1 Amp USB. I have used this power bank many times to charge my iPhone it was just able to charge my phone three times.
Overall this power bank is very nicely designed and is very sturdy it has a bit of weight to it and has a nice aluminum body that makes it fingerprint resistant and somewhat scratch proof.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

8000mAh Dual Output Power Bank Charger External Battery Pack Backup Charger Micro USB Cell Phone Portable Battery Charger With Flashlight &Touchpad


This is an awesome battery pack!
It has dual USB ports one is 1 Amp and the other is 2 Amps
There is also a led torch. It is activated when you double tap the power button
The pack starts charging when you plug something into it that needs to be charged and can be turned n manualy by single tapping the power button. You can turn it off when you press and hold the power button.
I have gotten about 3 charges on my iPhone and it is still at 50%
Blue Lights:
one light: 0-25%
Two lights 26-50%
three lights: 51-75%
Four lights: 76-100%
I haven’t been able to charge it to 100 percent yet even after like 40 minutes at three lights.
The design is very nice I like that the color is in a band around the edge it is nice and looks metallic but is plastic. The plastic on each face feels brushed giving it a better grip. Overall this charger is really nice and provides many charges for my devices.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

High Performance Digital Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter,Car Bluetooth Receiver,FM Radio Stereo Adapter


This nifty little device is very nice!

Heres what comes in the box:
The Bluetooth/Auxiliary to FM adapter
An extra fuse
The manual
and an Auxiliary cord

I use this almost all the time when in a car it is a lot easier than burning all my music to discs. I like that it allows you to choose your own station to broadcast the sound to. The controls were a little confusing at first but I got used to them and can use it easily now. Another nice feature is the ability to charge two USB devices at once also making this double at an adapter to charge my phone in the car. The sound quality is almost non differentiable from a standard auxiliary connection its amazing how well bluetooth works in devices like this one. Since it is able to adjust to many angles it can fit many different positions giving it more versatility for many of the different outlets in my car. It does say there is echo cancellation and noise suppression although it isnt the best I can still answer calls with it and hear the person on the line.
Overall this item is great for wireless transmission from your cellphone or other bluetooth enabled device to your car stereo.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link