2.4A Lightning Car Charger with Built-in Apple 8-Pin Lightning Coiled Cord


The Nexcon 2.4A Lightning Car Charger feels very durable especially for a universal car charger. This Nexcon Lightning charger features a High Output of 2.4 Amps and has an Apple MFi Certification which is designed to charge Apple devices through a lightening port on your device. There is no impact on your cars radio or bluetooth ability. It also has an extra USB port on it to charge other devices that use USB. The safety overcharge feature is really nice it stops charging your phone or other device when it is completely charged.

Overall this is a really nice charger it provides a nice quick charge when I need it in my car and the plug into the outlet is nice and discreet with little hanging out.

Heres the link to the product on Amazon: Link


25 Feet RG6U TV Cable Coaxial Cable

71M5Z2cAI4L._SL1500_This is a very nice lengthy coaxial cable it is very durable I would trust it outside as well as inside. This cable works with all my devices that use this cable so I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work with nay others. I was able to use this with the VHF and UHF TV Antenna that 1byone also has for sale. I notice no difference in picture when using it to connect any of my coaxial video players compared to the cables that come with the players if anything this one looks a bit better. I like the quality compared to the price because I have had more expensive cables at the same length the end connections often fall apart since my TV only has one coaxial port I need to switch the devices that I use this with and usually the one I have to continually need to remove and reattach. I have been using this cable ever since I got it and have reattached it many times without any looseness or pieces being broken, so I’m happy with it. 61spOLpAV+L._SL1500_

Overall this is the perfect cable for the antenna and any other device you may wish to use it for.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

Travel-Sized Multi Ports Desktop USB Charger with U-station Design


This device is perfect for me someone with a family that all need to use a USB charger at once!

Having 4 ports to a single outlet is great and it sits flat allowing for easy changing of cables and allows for you to just leave it and not worry about it. The covers provide good protection from dust or water (especially if used in a kitchen) they also protect the ports from objects falling into them. I have dropped it, but the only thing that happened to it was a little scratch on the corner.
When charging multiple devices I notice only a small change in the time for each individual device to charge and that was only a few minutes. It has four ports three of them are one amp and one of these is MFi certified for iPhones and iPods providing faster charging for those phones. The fourth port is an iPad or tablet MFi 2.4 amp certified port for fast charging of iPads.
Overall this hub is great for charging multiple devices and looks good at the same time.

I can compare this to the EasyAcc 5 port charger I would prefer the EasyAcc because it has 5 ports and more Amp measurements. They are about the same size without the cable this one has.

Here is the link to the reviewed product: Link