Super Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna


Great TV antenna. I was provided one of these for a complete and honest review.
One draw back is that I didn’t receive the air sucker stand for sticking it to glass
I’m not sure I like the flexibility of the actual antenna part but as long as it is placed in a place where it wont get stepped on or things placed on it this shouldn’t matter. It is nice and lightweight and easy to move. In design I would give this antenna a 7/10 because of how easy it is to bend I believe over time this may end up destroying the actual antenna wire.
Picture Quality:
Each channels quality was beautiful I was able to receive at least 24 channels from my basement! This amazed me I have a TV in my basement that doesn’t have the connections for my cable company so this was perfect to let me watch TV while hanging out with friends and stuff. One small problem I have is that the placement I have my TV in is a little awkward and requires me to use the lengthy cord it has to place it as far from the TV as possible.
What comes in the box?
Here’s what should come in the box: The antenna, a manual, a sticker to stick it to the wall or other fixture, and the air-sucker stand. I did not receive the stand.
Overall this is a very nice antenna it works very well even in my basement so I would recommend this as a nice TV antenna for anyone.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link


iPhone 5/5s Battery Case


Very nice charging case for the price.
I like that its not too bulky but still feels protective overall. The kickstand is very nice since I like to watch movies on my phone. The holes at the bottom allow the sound from the speaker and to the mic to be heard and is very nice. To put it on your phone you need to first take off the plastic edge then slide your phone onto the lightning connector and put the plastic edge back on. It does take some time to put the piece that holds the phone to the case back on but after it’s on I trust that it’s on pretty well and won’t come off randomly. I don’t like the need for the audio jack extender it is a little annoying to have to carry it around if I plan to use a good pair of headphones but for the extra battery power for my phone its worth it.
The battery charges the phone just like a normal charger you would use from a wall outlet. It also charges at a decent rate letting you use while you charge and still gaining battery power.

Overall this case is very handy and provides a good two hours of game play and 3-4 for watching movies.

Here is where you can find this case on Amazon: Link

HDTV Antenna


Very nice Antenna I get a lot of channels for free.
I like the collapsible design it allows for compact storage. The arms of the antenna feel a bit weak but I wouldn’t expect much strength from what feels like an aluminum metal. It does come with the required connector to connect it to the pole although it doesn’t come with the pole.
This antenna provides a nice clear picture for all of the channels it can receive. It can support a few 3D, Ultra HD, and Full HD channels which is very nice. It hasn’t been effected much by weather so far but I haven’t tested it through a big thunderstorm yet.
Here’s what comes in the box:
The HDTV antenna, a manual, and a black piece of plastic that goes on the coaxial cable to help with screwing the coaxial cable onto the antenna.
Overall this antenna is amazing I like that this gives me free high quality TV channels with a very compact design.

Here’s where you can find this item: Link

25 Feet RG6U TV Cable Coaxial Cable

71M5Z2cAI4L._SL1500_This is a very nice lengthy coaxial cable it is very durable I would trust it outside as well as inside. This cable works with all my devices that use this cable so I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work with nay others. I was able to use this with the VHF and UHF TV Antenna that 1byone also has for sale. I notice no difference in picture when using it to connect any of my coaxial video players compared to the cables that come with the players if anything this one looks a bit better. I like the quality compared to the price because I have had more expensive cables at the same length the end connections often fall apart since my TV only has one coaxial port I need to switch the devices that I use this with and usually the one I have to continually need to remove and reattach. I have been using this cable ever since I got it and have reattached it many times without any looseness or pieces being broken, so I’m happy with it. 61spOLpAV+L._SL1500_

Overall this is the perfect cable for the antenna and any other device you may wish to use it for.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

Wireless Router

Router (5)This is a very nice router it provides a nice signal boost when you have a router far from the device you use. I was able to connect a 25 foot Ethernet cord from my isp provided router to this router it provides a great signal boost compared to having to connect to my main router from a distance.

Router (6)

Here’s what you get:
The router, an Ethernet cord, two WiFi radio antennas, and a power cable for the router

When using this router I had slightly slower connection (downloads of 2 MB/s as opposed to the 3 I was getting from my main router) but it had a better signal compared to just using my main as the only router. Using my main router I would only be able to connect up to 3 things without any of them effecting the others connection, like if I used my tablet, desktop computer and TV at the same time and I wanted to connect my laptop to the router it would act up and the ul/dl speed would fluctuate from 500 kb/s to 1 mb/s, but now with this router I can connect the same amount and more I have connected about 5 things to this router: my phone, my laptop, my desktop computer, my tablet, and my TV all at once and I didn’t have the problem of not being able to connect more devices. The ul/dl also didn’t fluctuate either. One problem I have with this router is it gets pretty hot after using to stream movies. When using the Ethernet connection I noticed no difference in downloading or uploading files.

This router looks nice and sleek it is much smaller than my older router and is nice and light so I could actually hang it up on my wall without worrying it will fall. the front has a simple display that shows the current connected ports and if it has power including: a power indicator, wireless internet usage indicator, local internet indicator, and an indicator that shows the router itself has an internet connection.

Overall this is a very nice router for the price I would recommend this if you need a cheap well made router. I take one star off of this review because of the limited connection of 2 MB/s and it can get very hot to the point it stops working and I need to unplug it for a few minutes.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

3-Port 5.1A(2.1A 2A 1A) Aluminum Panel Rapid USB Car Charger


Great to just plug in and leave it is small but packs a punch when it comes to charging your devices. Having the differing amp value for each USB port allows you to even charge your tablet each port at either 2.1 2.0 or 1.0 Amps. The blue light indicates there is power and it can charge your devices. Unlike a few other car chargers I have had before only having 1 or a cable for your device this gives you many more options to charge different devices. Also intelligent circuit design protects against short circuiting, over-heating, over-current, and over-charging. There is also no impact on Bluetooth FM or Wifi radios so you can use it without worry.
I recommend this to anyone who usually has to argue to get the last open USB port in the car.

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link

Travel-Sized Multi Ports Desktop USB Charger with U-station Design


This device is perfect for me someone with a family that all need to use a USB charger at once!

Having 4 ports to a single outlet is great and it sits flat allowing for easy changing of cables and allows for you to just leave it and not worry about it. The covers provide good protection from dust or water (especially if used in a kitchen) they also protect the ports from objects falling into them. I have dropped it, but the only thing that happened to it was a little scratch on the corner.
When charging multiple devices I notice only a small change in the time for each individual device to charge and that was only a few minutes. It has four ports three of them are one amp and one of these is MFi certified for iPhones and iPods providing faster charging for those phones. The fourth port is an iPad or tablet MFi 2.4 amp certified port for fast charging of iPads.
Overall this hub is great for charging multiple devices and looks good at the same time.

I can compare this to the EasyAcc 5 port charger I would prefer the EasyAcc because it has 5 ports and more Amp measurements. They are about the same size without the cable this one has.

Here is the link to the reviewed product: Link