LED Fidget Spinner

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*Disclaimer – I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for a review

This is a pretty nice fidget spinner. A decent spin gets about a minute to a minute and a half although the lights only work for the first 15 seconds. This is a metal spinner so I expected it to spin a bit longer, but overall this is a pretty nice and bright LED spinner that’s fun to use.

One thing I question the seller about is the choice of packaging. I received this three pointed spinner in a container that is clearly for a two pointed spinner. Having the metal tin is nice but I have other spinners the same size and shape that have come in metal tins where they were designed for three pointed spinners.

If you are interested in this spinner for $13.99 (as of writing this review) on Amazon you can find it here.


Exgreem Fidget Spinner

I have a couple fidget spinners and this is the first three edged metal one. I like the metal fidget spinners because they have more weight and feel like they spin longer. I like to use this as a one handed spinner because the weight allows you to put more power into the spin with one hand making it spin longer.
In the video shown this spinner lasted about 2:50 but in hand it has lasted as long as 4 minutes on a decent spin. This spinner doesn’t use the same bearing as many other spinners but based on the time I don’t think that matters. This spinner is a little noisy, but I only use my spinners at home so it doesn’t effect me, but if you were to use it somewhere quiet it would be audible from a distance.
Overall the build quality of this spinner is quite nice I highly prefer metal spinners as opposed to the 3D printed ones or the other plastic ones. I feel like this is a spinner that will last especially as I have dropped it a couple times with minimal damage to the metal finish.

If you’re interested in purchasing this fidget spinner here is the Amazon link.

I received this product at a discounted price.

Fidget Spinner Bearings 10 pack

I got these fidget spinner bearings a couple weeks ago and they are pretty nice.

Although these bearings are noisy they are well worth the price ($8.99). The spinner in the picture is relatively light to some of the others I have, but still gets a decent 2:30 out of a good spin. The 2:30 spin isn’t the best but I still think the price being less than a dollar a bearing makes them still worth it.

Overall for the price these bearings are worth getting, although you could go for the more expensive ceramic or silica nitride to get better spin times.


Bearing inside a spinner I got from https://spinnersrus.com


If you are interested in getting this pack of bearings you can find them here on Amazon.

Outdoor Tactical Backpack

I originally got this backpack back before the fishing season started. I have gone fishing a couple times this season and this backpack was very helpful and can carry a lot of stuff.

In the main pouch I store 4 small containers that hold different hard plastic baits along with enough space to pick up a snack or a lunch to have out on he dock. The multiple compartments allows for good organisation and the straps around the sides allow you to compress the bag some to save some space if you fill it completely.

The zippers on this bag feel heavy duty and they haven’t had any trouble getting stuck opening or closing.

There are three buckles on this bag. One in the front which clips to the top of the back, Another near the chest which keeps the shoulder straps secured after put on, and the last one is around the waist to keep the bag from bouncing while walking.

Overall this is a nice backpack I have been using for fishing.

A little trick I use is to take the side compression straps apart and put a fishing rod or two under the strap and put it back together. I used this trick for longer walks to fishing spots, but beware any tree above you will be caught and you could even be caught if you don’t set up your hooks so they aren’t swinging around (Happened on a couple occasions lol). I have a waterproof cellphone pouch looped through one of the top straps for when I don’t want to have my phone in my pocket or it starts raining. I also have a small umbrella looped through two of the very small side straps.

If you are interested in getting this backpack you can find it here on Amazon.

Wireless Turbo NES Classic Controller

Having messed around with this controller I enjoy the feel of it. This controller is around the same size as the controller that comes with the Classic NES but it is clearly wireless.

* Controller requires 2 AAA batteries

The button layout is different from a normal one because it has two turbo buttons which allow you to press and hold the A+ or B+ button to say shoot/jump rapidly. The buttons feel firm and of quality with slight feedback when pressing them. The controller itself feels nice with a bit of weight to it especially when the batteries are in.

It says it supports the Wii/Wii U virtual console by plugging the adapter into a Wii Remote but I don’t have a Wii set up currently so I may test that in the future. I did test it in the NES Classic and it worked pretty much as you would expect with minimal latency. To minimize latency I recommend staying within 10-15 feet of the console because otherwise input does get a little laggy.

Setting up the controller was easy all you have to do is plug the dongle into the NES then put the batteries into the controller and it will connect to the dongle.

Overall this is a nice controller and I recommend this especially to people who have kids running around playing with the cords.

If you are interested in getting this controller yourself here is the link to the Amazon page.

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I was provided this controller at a discounted price in exchange for a review.

I created a YouTube Gaming Channel!

User Icon NewHey, I know it has been a while since I have posted a review. I got busy with finishing High School classes and started College last Fall. This summer I have created a YouTube channel to share some gaming videos and create a community for gaming and having fun. If you are interested here’s a link: Alteiar Plays.

I really appreciate any feedback or recommendations and I hope to get back into the reviewing scene later this summer.

EasyAcc® Super Speed 2.5 Inch USB 3.0 Hard Drive Case HDD External Enclosure Case with USB 3.0 Cable for 7 and 9.5 mm 2.5″ SATA HDD/SSDs


This is a really nice USB 3.0 hard drive enclosure it is perfect for fast transfers of data and fits 2.5 inch hard drives perfectly with no movement.
I had a little trouble with this enclosure on my windows 7 PC what happened was the driver was not installing correctly, so I tried to uninstall it and reinstall and had the same problem after like 10 minutes of messing with that I tried disabling the driver then re-enabling it and the driver installed correctly and the device worked fine after that. I have been using it for about a week now without troubles so I believe this fixed it.
The speeds are nice since it is a 3.0 enclosure I get very fast speeds compared to older 2.0 enclosures. I would definately recommend this as a permanent replacement to my current and now old 2.5 inch external hard drive enclosure.

Heres the link to the product on amazon: Link