Controller for NES Classic Mini

Recently one of my NES controllers started to act up so getting this has been really nice on top of the Wireless NES Controller I reviewed a couple days ago.

Now this controller is pretty close to the actual one but the buttons feel different. The A and B button don’t feel as responsive as a normal controller and when trying to tap the quickly they make quite a loud plastic on plastic tapping sound.

I got this mostly for my Dad who plays our NES Classic Mini a lot and since getting the wireless controller I don’t think hes tried this new one. Overall if you need a controller and especially since this one can be bought through Amazon Prime One-day/Same-day shipping I recommend it, but going back to the Wireless NES Controller I would recommend instead getting that since its not much more expensive and it’s wireless!

If you’re interested in buying this controller here is the link¬†on Amazon.

I received this item at a reduced price.


High Precision 6 Button Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse – Adjustable DPI – Adjustable Polling Rate


This is a nice wireless mouse it uses AA batteries I have lasted weeks on a single batter with about 2-3 hours of use per day I think this is because of the power saving mode the mouse goes into after 3 minutes of inactivity.
Overall the quality of this mouse feels nice I like how the mouse feels when gripping it because it is slightly shaped to fit your hand really well and each side of the mouse has ridges your thumb and ring/pinky finger fit on for a firm and comfortable grip.
There are 6 buttons in Normal mode: a middle click on the wheel, there is left and right click, a show desktop/show windows button next to the left click, the function button to switch from normal to gaming, and a forward and backward button on the left side of the mouse function as back and forward buttons like in your browser and in explorer windows it also works the same. in Gaming mode: there is the left and right click, the button near the left click acts as a quick double left click, the buttons on the side act as volume up and down, the function button to change from gaming to normal, and the middle mouse click on the wheel.
I like the low sensitivity and the quietness of the left and right click, having the forward and backwards buttons on the side is very nice that’s probably my second favorite function of the mouse, and being able to change the dpi to as low as 600 for very detailed work to 1600 for fast paced gaming is amazing all you have to do is hold the function button until the red led lights up and then you can change it by scrolling the scroll wheel up or down.
Overall this mouse is amazing I often use it for my tablet and as my primary gaming mouse. I would recommend this to a budget gamer especially if you need to switch from fine mouse movements to fast paced it works very well for both!

Here is the link to the product on Amazon: Link