Neon Accent Adhesive LED Strips

Full Name:

Exgreem Neon Accent LED Strips Bias Backlight RGB Lights with Remote Control for HDTV, Flat Screen TV Accessories and Desktop PC, Multi Color (118 inches)

I got this LED strip to put around my desk and accent the lights already in my computer and they work perfectly. I recently purchased a shorter version of this to put inside my computer and they came out pretty good.

Controlling the LEDs is pretty easy with the remote. You can choose from 16 colors that stay on, a flashing mode that flashes between each color, the strobe mode tapers a white light on and off, the fade setting offers kind of a chroma look to it fading between each color, and the smooth mode that I don’t notice any difference from the flash mode. There are also two buttons the adjust the brightness of the light by pressing and holding them I find it not necessary to lower the lighting inside my computer case because having it bright makes the inside look better, but having the lights on my desk behind my monitor and speakers its nice to adjust the lighting based on how bright my room is.

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If you are interested in checking out these LED lights here is the Amazon link.

I received this product at a discounted price.

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