Outdoor Tactical Backpack

I originally got this backpack back before the fishing season started. I have gone fishing a couple times this season and this backpack was very helpful and can carry a lot of stuff.

In the main pouch I store 4 small containers that hold different hard plastic baits along with enough space to pick up a snack or a lunch to have out on he dock. The multiple compartments allows for good organisation and the straps around the sides allow you to compress the bag some to save some space if you fill it completely.

The zippers on this bag feel heavy duty and they haven’t had any trouble getting stuck opening or closing.

There are three buckles on this bag. One in the front which clips to the top of the back, Another near the chest which keeps the shoulder straps secured after put on, and the last one is around the waist to keep the bag from bouncing while walking.

Overall this is a nice backpack I have been using for fishing.

A little trick I use is to take the side compression straps apart and put a fishing rod or two under the strap and put it back together. I used this trick for longer walks to fishing spots, but beware any tree above you will be caught and you could even be caught if you don’t set up your hooks so they aren’t swinging around (Happened on a couple occasions lol). I have a waterproof cellphone pouch looped through one of the top straps for when I don’t want to have my phone in my pocket or it starts raining. I also have a small umbrella looped through two of the very small side straps.

If you are interested in getting this backpack you can find it here on Amazon.