Wireless Turbo NES Classic Controller

Having messed around with this controller I enjoy the feel of it. This controller is around the same size as the controller that comes with the Classic NES but it is clearly wireless.

* Controller requires 2 AAA batteries

The button layout is different from a normal one because it has two turbo buttons which allow you to press and hold the A+ or B+ button to say shoot/jump rapidly. The buttons feel firm and of quality with slight feedback when pressing them. The controller itself feels nice with a bit of weight to it especially when the batteries are in.

It says it supports the Wii/Wii U virtual console by plugging the adapter into a Wii Remote but I don’t have a Wii set up currently so I may test that in the future. I did test it in the NES Classic and it worked pretty much as you would expect with minimal latency. To minimize latency I recommend staying within 10-15 feet of the console because otherwise input does get a little laggy.

Setting up the controller was easy all you have to do is plug the dongle into the NES then put the batteries into the controller and it will connect to the dongle.

Overall this is a nice controller and I recommend this especially to people who have kids running around playing with the cords.

If you are interested in getting this controller yourself here is the link to the Amazon page.

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I was provided this controller at a discounted price in exchange for a review.


One comment on “Wireless Turbo NES Classic Controller

  1. […] one of my NES controllers started to act up so getting this has been really nice on top of the Wireless NES Controller I reviewed a couple days […]


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